Nutmeg Oil: Its Uses And Benefits


You may have never heard of nutmeg oil, other than for use in baked goods and flavorings. Yet nutmeg oil is used as a natural method of treating pain. There are different kinds of  Lemongrass Oil available on the market, and the prices of each vary greatly. If you are looking to purchase it to treat pain, the following information will help you understand the uses of this oil to treat pain and illness.

Nutmeg oil comes from a bushy tree that grows to be about fifty feet tall. It is a tropical evergreen tree, with smooth, grayish brown bark and greenish branches. The nutmeg apple is similar to a peach, and contains the nut that can produce the oil

Nutmeg oil is used to relax muscles and has a sedative capability. It is often used to help remove gas from the digestive track, and is used for a variety of stomach ailments. It is also helpful for people with recurring nervous conditions, kidney disorders, and it aids in the prevention of vomiting and nausea. It treats abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even bad breath.

Nutmeg oil is made by separating the different parts of the nutmeg apple. The nut is removed and slowly dried, where it is sometimes put into capsules or made into an essential oil. The skin from the nuts or the red membrane is removed to make Mace.

A standard dosage of Nutmeg oil is three to five drops taken once daily. This dosage can be added to a drink or a tablespoon of honey for ingestion. In the practice of Chinese medicine, nutmeg oil can be taken as an infusion, and it is recommended that you take nutmeg oil on an empty stomach. There are no known side effects to this dosage of nutmeg, but excessively large doses can cause confusion, headaches and possibly seizures. Pregnant women should not use nutmeg as it may cause a miscarriage.