Ways to Prevent Your Home from Severe Damages


Purchasing a home is a significant financial investment that may yield long-term benefits. All the same, your roof, siding, and surrounding areas are at risk of severe storm damage resulting from extreme weather events that are becoming more common due to climate change.

Storms can be severe at any time of year. But there are a few things you can do to get your home ready for the storms that will inevitably arrive eventually. But when bad weather occurs, you can reduce the chance of your home sustaining damage. The best defence against a hurricane, wildfire, drought, or flooding is to take precautions well before they happen.

Here, we discuss some ways to prevent your home from severe damage.

Remove and Trim the Trees

Tree removal is essential to prevent homes from damage. Loose branches and strong winds don’t mix well. Ensure your trees and bushes are healthy, and remove any dead trees before they cause damage (but first, read your local legislation). Engage an expert if you need more confidence in trimming branches yourself.

Cut off any broken branches before a storm. You risk receiving an electric shock; therefore, take extra precautions if hydro wires contact the branches.

Weatherproof Your Home to Make it Safer.

 Making your home safer during wind and hailstorms is possible with the same home maintenance you conduct to prepare it for winter. Pay great attention to doors and windows because they are especially vulnerable.

 Examine any parts that may be missing, loose hinges, or anything else that may allow the windows or doors to shake away in strong winds. Use weatherstripping if your windows and doors aren’t closing all the way. Replace any broken or cracked windows right away.

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Services

24/7 emergency tree service assists homeowners in resolving any urgent safety issues and starting the process of returning and as little as possible interrupting their regular routines.

Emergency services are built with efficiency and speed in mind, so you know that any fallen trees or dangling branches will be removed swiftly to prevent damage to your home or other structures on your land. When your property or other trees are possibly in danger, the emergency service offers an even greater sense of urgency.

Keep Your Gutters Clear for Away Flow of Water

Ensure that your downspouts flow away from your foundation and that your gutters are free-flowing. One of the easiest ways to lower the value of your home is through water damage or flooding.

Therefore, the first line of defence in assisting water inflow away from your home is ensuring your gutters are clear, which brings us to yet another crucial preventive action.

Use the Right Landscaping  

Proper landscaping can act as a buffer against Mother Nature regarding wind protection. Engage a landscape designer to plant trees or bushes in your yard in a windbreak that will naturally protect the interior of your home.

 To decrease winds before they reach your home, this natural barrier should feature a mix of taller and shorter trees. Since it takes time for the trees to grow to their maximum height, this landscaping project will take more time to complete. But it will pay off in the future years.

Installing Hurricane Shutters to Prevent Damage to Your Windows

Installing hurricane shutters or just boarding up windows in the event of an upcoming strong storm can prevent damage to your windows. But new windows will be more airtight and resistant to breakage and leaks than older ones.

It’s essential to consider windows designed to endure storm-level air pressure and impact in locations where severe weather is typical, such as hurricane zones or coastal areas. Winds above thirty miles per hour can even force a two-by-four to smash into some of these windows.